What to Expect...

A Session Explained

A session starts with us talking about the reasons for your visit and any questions you might have, or intentions you want to set.

You'll spend 30 minutes lying on your back while my hands are placed (either hovering or direct contact - your choice) in the specific Reiki positions, for about 5 minutes at each of the 7 chakras (energy centers) starting at your head and moving down to your feet.

Next you will turn on to your stomach for the remaining 30 minutes where I repeat the same hand positions on your back.

During the session I am an active conduit of Life Force Energy (Chi) that is being transferred through my hands to you. I am facilitating and empowering your bodies own natural ability to heal itself. Really it's all about balance. When blocks are found (either because of an excess or deficiency of the energy in any given Chakra) they are brought back into harmony, stabilizing the energy. It's like getting a mental, physical and spiritual alignment.

All that is required of you is to simply relax and enjoy your time. Most patients feel deep relaxation and peace or even fall asleep. If you do fall asleep the effects are no less. Unlike massage you remain fully clothed during the entire session.

After the session we'll discuss any sensations you may have experienced, as well as feedback from me on areas I noticed needed attention.

I often receive intuitive visions or messages for clients which I am happy to pass along if you are open to it. I've had a wonderful response to this added bonus I offer at no additional cost that is not typically part of a Reiki session. It often brings clarity and helps to connect the dots on important areas in their life.

Lastly, I will do a grounding technique that sends you off feeling balanced, confident, and able to integrate the healing that just happened.