About Christie...

Natural Healing

Christie has a natural gift and passion for energy work. She has been practicing hands on healing methods for 20 years.  She is currently working for a surgeon in Sedona through a non-profit organization (HCF) as a Reiki Practitioner for breast cancer patients where she helps guide them through their healing journeys both pre and post operation.

Her joy as a Reiki Practitioner is in educating those new to the process. Gentle and attentive, she skillfully intuits and reads the body in order to reveal areas in need of deeper healing. Her specialty is in empowering her patients in navigating their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing journey. She uses Reiki to clear stagnant energy, making way for fresh life giving energy to flow which often brings about feelings of deep relaxation, relief from fears and anxieties, and an overall sense of well being and balance.