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My Personal Journey of Healing

My joy from Reiki actually stems from my childhood. Raised within a Christian influence I started “hands on” healing at my church at an early age. I was amazed when people would tell me of their real results. I was excited to help people as I realized the true power of prayer.

While on a trip in India as an adult, I found myself consumed with back pain from a yoga injury. I couldn’t even tie my shoes. I was disappointed as we still had a full week ahead of us at the retreat.


A trusted friend recommended a local Reiki healer to alleviate my pain.


Quite skeptical and hesitant, I went ahead with the session figuring I had nothing to lose and at least a new experience to gain. During that session I felt energy moving up through my body like never before. It was exciting and peaceful at the same time.


When I stood up to thank her at the end, I noticed my pinched nerve pain was completely gone! “Wow, this Reiki healing energy really works!” I thought. I nearly skipped back to the retreat. At that moment I knew this was a skill I wanted to pursue so I could help others receive a similar type healing with awesome results like I had.

I am thrilled to be more connected than ever with my calling since childhood to do energy work. Empowering my patients to navigate their own healing journeys is my true passion and joy.

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