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Some examples include but are not limited to:

  • Comfort during emotional stress or grief

  • Relaxation and reduced stress

  • Relief from chronic pain and discomfort

  • Accelerates recovery process after surgery

  • Renewed balance and overall well being

  • Continued mental clarity and focus 

  • Better sleep

One of the greatest Reiki health benefits is stress reduction and relaxation which encourages your body’s own natural ability to heal itself.


Beyond that, there are a myriad of potential experiences ranging from physical, mental and spiritual.

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Benefits of Reiki
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Christie has a natural gift and passion for energy work. She has been practicing hands on healing methods for over 15 years.


She is currently working for a surgeon in Sedona through a non-profit organization (HCF) as a Reiki Practitioner for breast cancer patients where she helps guide them through their healing journeys both pre and post operation.


Her joy as a Reiki Practitioner is in educating those new to the process. Gentle and attentive, she skillfully intuits and reads the body in order to reveal areas in need of deeper healing.


Her specialty is in empowering her clients in navigating their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing journey.


She uses Reiki to clear stagnant energy, making way for fresh life giving energy to flow which often brings about feelings of deep relaxation, relief from fears and anxieties, and an overall sense of well being and balance.

About Christie
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The Beginning...

A session starts with us talking about the reasons for your visit and any questions you might have, or intentions you want to set.

All that is required of you is to simply relax and enjoy your time. Most clients feel a deep comfort and peace and sometimes even fall asleep. If you do fall asleep that's okay, as the effects are exactly the same. Unlike a massage you will remain fully clothed during the entire session.


During the session, this spiritually guided Life Force Energy (Chi) is transferred through my hands to you. Reiki is an intelligent energy that is always traveling to where it is needed most. This is unique for each person and every session is different. Maybe you are processing some grief and the Reiki will go to your heart or solar plexus. Maybe you have a knee injury and the Reiki will travel towards that. Maybe you have a lot of old thought patterns and beliefs that are weighing you down energetically- those may get released and cleared. Maybe you are a very empathic person and you tend to absorb other people's problems/ negative energy- that may get removed. The best thing we can both do is just surrender to what is needed most and trust your bodies own natural ability to heal itself.


It's All About Balance...

If any energetic blocks are found -either because of an excess or deficiency of the energy in any given Chakra (for some quick, concise info on what and where the chakras are check out this article! ) they are brought back into harmony, balancing the total energy. It's like getting a mental, physical and spiritual alignment/ tune up. Lastly, I will do a grounding technique that sends you off feeling lighter, but also balanced, centered and confidently able to integrate the healing that just happened.


After the Reiki portion, we'll have time to discuss any sensations/insights you may have experienced, or questions you have as well as feedback from me (with your permission of course!) on areas I noticed that need your attention.

I am always happy to pass along any information I intuit during the session if you are open to it. I've had a wonderful response to this as it often brings clarity and helps to connect the dots on important areas in my clients lives. With that said I do want to note that sometimes there is A LOT of info that comes through and sometimes there may not be. I always intend that whatever you are READY to look at or heal from will present itself, and nothing you're not. Because of this I cannot guarantee full psychic type readings or information on each chakra every time. That's not really the purpose of Reiki. In my experience if Reiki had a personality it would be a gentle grandmother providing feelings of maternal warmth, peace, safety, calm, and bliss. She offers you encouragement but sometimes hits you with some tough love and *truth* that you may need to hear about certain areas of your life! Setting intentions about what you want to get out of the session is important and helpful but so is surrendering to what happens in the moment. I love witnessing all the different things that show up for people and supporting them in any way I can! Thank you for trusting me with this honor.

What to Expect
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Book a Session
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19 Reviews
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29 Reviews

Christie has a truly soothing Soul. Her presence alone is a gift. When she begins to actively open the channel to be a conduit for Reiki, you can feel the energy flow. She holds space in a multi dimensional fashion to provide a truly healing experience. Thank you Christie for sharing your unique gift with us all!

Bex Battino


Having no previous reiki healing experience I was a bit apprehensive and skeptical of the entire process. However, before beginning our session, Christie graciously explained the way of Reiki. Her warm, inviting yet professional nature helped ease any concerns. I was amazed at what I was experiencing and half way in disbelief. My entire body felt vibrant and alive. I could feel every sensation.
Post session, I felt light, airy, & energized. I had no idea I would walk away a firm believer in reiki healing. I am so grateful for my session with you Christie. I cannot thank you enough for the deep healing that has taken place in only one session.

Francesca Bob


Christie so kindly lent her gifts and capabilities to help move energy in my neck. I was struggling with moving my head freely and I knew it stemmed from emotional issues. Christie has such a loving gentle energy that allows space for healing in such a supportive manner. After our session I felt much more clarity with why my neck was struggling and I could feel the pain starting to relieve itself. I highly recommend working with this amazing woman and allowing her loving energy to heal

Maria Rose Skinner


I saw Christie for an impromptu healing session when my life felt confused, cluttered, and unclear. I was not even able to identify where or how these emotional issues were manifesting themselves physically. And I was a skeptic. However, during our session I could feel layers of stress and discomfort fade. The tension left my neck, back, and stomach. I felt the lack of mental clarity that had plagued me abate. The experience was deeply relieving and healing. I couldn't recommend her enough!

Jeff Hitchings


Christie has done Reiki on me several times and her knowledgeable and intuitive touch has been very relaxing and healing. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for healing whether it be emotional, mental, or physical. Being a healer myself I could tell Christie was extremely authentic and in tune with spirit and Reiki healing energy. Christie cares greatly for others and she is an excellent healer!

Christina Nichols

Blue Water


Feel free to send me a message or if you prefer to chat by phone I can always be reached directly at 928-963-7773 to answer any of your questions.

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